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Welcome to Peace With Christ!

We are a family community united in Christ, where we strive to be a place of Grace. We are a growing, inter-generational congregation. Through worship, challenging educational opportunities, exciting student ministry and caring small groups our church seeks to equip individuals and families to live out their discipleship in everyday life.


Thank You to ALL the generous people who helped make our

Disaster Relief Trip to Texas a HUGE success!

Over the Labor Day weekend, Donna Patton, our Director of Youth & Student Ministries, took over 23 students and adults to Houston Texas, to deliver 3 moving trucks and a Uhaul trailer, to the people who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

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The communities of Colorado truly came together for the people of Texas!

Peace With Christ Lutheran Church and Lutheran High School, in Parker,

were drop off spots for much needed donations and supplies!



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    Lutheran High

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  Peace With Christ

IMG 1794

     Lutheran High


In 3 days’ time, they collected 3.5 trucks of supplies; including clothes, food, personal need items and snow shovels. Those donations were then driven to Bethel Church in Houston Texas, where over 23 students and volunteers from PWC distributed the donations to the people in need gathered there.

92.5 the wolf

So many generous people who heard about our mission on 9NEWS and the radio station, 92.5 The Wolf, came out and supported us.  We are very grateful for their help!










"We filled three and a half of those Penske trucks... all donated! As our team made their way down (we wrote Colorado loves Texas and disaster relief on our cars) people would honk, wave, and give thumbs up. 

 -- Donna patton

  the Van




snow shovels

     Snow Shovels

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     Love from CO

IMG 1798

  One of Our Trucks

 We are also very thankful for the students who gave up their time and worked so very hard to unload and distribute the donations, as well as for the donated truck drivers who volunteered their time to serve as well! You all we’re AMAZING!


Students Unloading

IMG 1923

  Our Crew (Mostly)

distribution Center


We would also like to thank the families of PWCLC, PWCCS and Lutheran High School for their donations, generosity, co-operation and prayers!


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  Prayers on Boxes

Students Praying

  Students Praying

IMG 1962

 Debris from Homes


This was the third time some of these houses had been flooded in the past year. What did we learn? My students would tell you that God is good. That He is working through the heart of humanity to reach the lost. We should never allow color, differences in denominations, or disasters to do anything other than bring us closer as God has called the family of Christ to be.. one body."

 -- Donna Patton



It was a very quick and successful trip that helped care for and serve so many people who truly needed it! We feel very blessed to have been able to help in this way!

We can't wait to go back and help with the much-needed clean-up that will be taking place for months to come, stay tuned for more information about any future trips that we will be making back to Texas!


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