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Peace With Christ adult education offerings provide a wide variety of classes and Bible studies for those seeking to grow in the knowledge of the Word of God and mature as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

We believe Christian education and spiritual growth are a life-long process as we relate to God and to each other.


Sunday Morning Adult & Student Classes

Join any of these classes during the Education Hour from 9:00 – 9:55 am



 "A Man Named Martin - Part 2: The Moment”

In this three-session Bible study takes a close look at the errant teachings and wayward traditions of the Late Medieval Church that eventually sparked the Protestant Reformation, a theological overhaul set in motion most notably by Martin Luther's nailing of the 95 Theses to the church door at Wittenberg.  This class will be meeting in the Green Section, room #1. Dean Grages will the Moderator.


I have good

"I Have Good News for You"

This is a ten-week course on the basic teachings of the Christian faith for those wanting to know the Lord, or wanting to know Him better, or who want a refresher course on the teachings of the Christian faith. This class is also the “Newcomers Connections” class and shares information about becoming a member, whether you are new to Peace With Christ or transferring from another congregation. It offers the opportunity to build relationships, understand the teachings of the Lutheran church, and learn the vision that drives our ministry. This class will be meeting in the Blue Section, room #3. Pastor Hiller will be leading this class.



"Romans: The Gift of God"

This book of the Bible was foundational to Luther’s writings on grace and the distinction between Law and Gospel. In this 13-week study of the book of Romans, you'll see Paul teaching about the gift of being right with God and what being righteous means for your future. As you unwrap this gift of God, you'll find your life, identity, and perspective transformed. This class will be meeting in the Green Section, room #2. John Paulus will be the Moderator.




Don't settle for a wimpy grace. Max Lucado's 7 week “Grace” DVD based study takes you on a journey to discover the depth of God's grace - greater than you can imagine, more than you deserve, and all that you need. Come and learn about the power of God’s grace for your life.This class will be meeting in the Blue Section, room #1. John Strauch will be the Moderator.


grace based

"Grace Based Parenting"

In this 10-week, video-based study, Dr. Tim Kimmel explains how fear-based parenting is a guaranteed method to set children up for failure. Learn how to meet your child's three driving inner needs for security, significance and strength with the invaluable gifts of love, purpose and hope this course, This class will be meeting in the Blue Section, room #2. Ty Saucerman will be the Moderator.


living loved

"Uninvited: Living Loved" - Women's Study

In this six-session video Bible study, Lysa TerKeurst digs deep into God's Word to help you explore the roots of rejection, the way other relationships get tainted because of a past rejection, and the truth about what it looks like to live loved. In this class will be meeting downstairs in the Red Section, room #1. Janet Hiller will be the Moderator.

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